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Who We Are

  • Citizens for Brentwood Green Space, Inc. is a volunteer citizens group organized as a nonprofit (501c3) corporation. Our mission is to preserve open space in the form of parks, trails, historic sites, and flood plains while being sensitive to the rights of landowners and developers.
  • CBGS supports Brentwood's Board of Commissioners and city officials in their efforts to assure that ongoing development of land resources is accomplished in a way that is beneficial to landowners, to existing citizens of the city, and to future generations of Brentwood residents.

Our Goals
  • Adding 1,000 plus acres of new park land
  • Connecting additional areas of the city by bike- and walk-ways
  • Preserving our precious historic sites
  • Enhancing pastoral gateways to the city
  • Making open spaces accessible
© Citizens for Brentwood Green Space
1557 Copperstone Dr.
Brentwood TN 37027
A 501(C)(3) Non Profit Corporation
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